Plan, organize and host an unforgettable lingerie party
Party Themes

Decide on your theme and the level of informality you would like the lingerie party to run in. Here you should take into account what type of people you would like to invite. If it is going to be a big crowd of people of various ages and relationship to you, you might prefer to spare your Granny the shock of watching a crowd of scantily clad young ladies having the time of their lives. If you are organizing a party for girlfriends and feel comfortable about dressing down to underwear in their company have a lingerie-only dressing code at your party. If you are the wild type and your friends are not shy, go for a crazy sexy lingerie party with a striptease show.

Here are some themes to choose from:
* Ladies Night Out
* Glamour Lingerie Party
* SPA and Lingerie Party
* Bedroom Secrets
* Lingerie Masquerade
* Arabian Nights
* Pirates of the Caribbean
* Around the World Luxury Cruise
* Greek Mystery/Goddess Night
* Fairytale Night
* Fabulicious Lingerie Night

Themes specially for the wild ones:
* Wild Thong
* Wild Wild West
* Strip Tease Lingerie Party
* Sex and the City
* Pin-Up Girls

Themes according to occasions:
* St. Valentine's Lingerie party
* Snow-White Lingerie Party (Christmas or New Years)
* Haunted Palace (Halloween)

* Bridal Shower Lingerie Party
* Bachelorette Lingerie Party
* Birthday Lingerie Party

As soon as you choose your party theme, start working on Invitations and Party Decorations to create the right party atmosphere.