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 Icebreakers and Fun Games


Party games are always a fun chance for adults to become kids again. Of course party games played by adults at a lingerie party won’t be the kid type. We have some suggestions for you, which you can use or modify as you like. To help give the guests some time to feel comfortable with each other we have also suggested a few ‘ice breakers’. Make sure to prepare all the necessary material for the games and ice breakers in advance.

Lingerie party games can get very flirty and sexual and some of your guests might not feel comfortable with some of the things they may be required to do. You may want to make it easier for some guest to opt out of a game they are not comfortable with by setting up rules about “bribing” their way out of a particular activity. For example warn them that if they feel too shy to perform a certain activity they have to sing a song, recite a poem (get some texts ready for those who will insist they don’t know any) perform a tap dance, go outside and yodel or hop around the room like an Easter bunny. Or you can write various alternatives on pieces of paper (never of an erotic nature), put them into a box and ask the shy guests to draw one out and perform it as required.

Fun Lingerie Party Icebreakers

Creative and Fun: Lingerie Model Jigsaw Puzzle.

We have created a free download of the lingerie fairy (Photo to the left) as a 30-piece Jigsaw Puzzle (photo below). Simply click to download the PDF file of the Lingerie Fairy Jigsaw and cut out the pieces. Cutting time is approximately 15 minutes per puzzle.

Try one of the 3 options:

1. Here you will need to use different puzzles, one for each guest. Caution, cutting time for ten guests is about two hours total, so if you have alot of guests, consider one of the other options, where the guests work in teams. Cut up the first puzzle and put the pieces inside the first invitation. Cut up the second puzzle and put the pieces into the second invitation, and so on. Tell your guests to put the pieces together and come to the party dressed like the model. Everyone votes to see who looks closest to their photo. The winner gets a prize.
2. Here you cut up just ONE photo into several pieces, one piece for each guest. Put 1 piece in each invitation (bring the remaining pieces with you to the party). When guests arrive at the party ask them what they think their piece is a picture is of. They can look at the other pieces but cannot put them together yet. When you get all the different answers ask them to put the pieces together as a group.
3. If you have a large group, you can use two or more puzzles. Cut one puzzle into pieces and mark them all with an X on the back. Cut the other puzzle into pieces and mark them all with a Y on the back, etc (the total number of pieces should be the same or more than the total numbers of guests). Include 1-2 pieces in each invitation and tell the guests to bring them. Those with Xs on the back can work together as a team and compete against those with Y’s to see which team can put their pieces together in the shortest time. Be sure to write down if your guest was an X or a Y. So if they have forgotten their piece they can join their team. Their team’s puzzle will have a hole in it.

Crossword Puzzle Password
Put a Crossword Puzzle into your invitation which your guests must solve before coming to the party. Whoever knows the mystery ‘Password’, the word in the pink box, gets a prize (it is pretty easy, so be sure to have a lot of prizes). Click the link to open puzzle PDF file. We thought the answers might be helpful! Click this link to open and print out the puzzle answers. We have also created an editable word file which you can download here in case you would like to change something.

Poetic Icebreaker

Put the first two lines of a lingerie-related poem into the invitation and ask the guests to finish it and bring their poem with them to the party. At the beginning of the party ask everyone to share their poem and you can also give everyone surprises! For example:

We are gonna have a party
And try on sexy ware…

The guests will be have to come up with several creative lines to rhyme the word “ware” For example:
- So please be aware
you will be nearly bear
- We will be happy if you come
If you promise not to stare
- You are certainly invited
So come if you you dare


Our Mary is a bachelorette
But soon she’ll be a bride

Possible rhymes could include “ride”, “hide”, “lied”, “side” etc. You can just imagine what these poems might be.

The group will vote on the most creative poem, and the winner gets a prize!

Sexy Nicknames

Create badges with funny or sexy names for your guests. You can let the guests draw out names from a bowl or you can assign names to them to them as they come into the door. We have created a free downloadable file of name badges. Download the file and print out, then cut them out to create name badges like the photo to the left.  It is best to buy plastic name badge holders, otherwise, simply pin to your guests shirt (or bra if wearing lingerie). 

Or create your own name badges. Here are our suggestions for names:
Hot Babe
Sexy Back
Sweet Cheeks
Hot Lips
Hot Stuff
Sex Bomb
Hot Chick
Cuddle Bunny
Sugar Mama
Hunnie Bunnie
Cinnamon Buns

Rules: For the night of the party, the guests are not allowed to use real names, only the nicknames. Anyone caught using a real name, must perform for the party. You can choose what they perform: a tap dance, lap dance, belly dance or striptease; whatever you think would be appropriate for your group. Or write various ‘penalties’ on pieces of paper, put them in a box and make them draw their penalty at random. What you may find is that for days or weeks after the party, people will still be using these nicknames for each other, and will fondly remember your party.

Lingerie Party Games

Mystery Box

Find some funny clothes and/or sexy lingerie for your guests to wear. For example oversized granny like panties and bra, weird looking high heel shoes, men’s boxers, very small child’s socks with Mickey mouse, crazy colored tie, condom, choker or dog’s collar, handcuffs, unmatched stockings of crazy colors, a mask from the recent Halloween party, erasable tattoo, etc. Put the clothes in a box with a very small opening so that you can reach inside, but not easily see inside.
Ask all of the guests to sit near each other in a circle. Explain that the guests should pass the box to the next sitting person over and over again until you shout “stop” (or the music turns off, etc). The host should stand with his back to the circle or in the circle. The person who is holding the box has to reach in and take out one thing that he has to put on.  Guests will have a lot of fun discovering all the crazy things you put into the box and laughing at each other wearing them as well as trying to pass on the box very fast as if it is a ‘hot potato’.

So when do the guest take off the item? That is up to you! You may decide:
- That everyone should first pose for a group photo. Later you can email the photo to the guests.
- That everyone should wear what they have on for the first hour
- That all guests have to ‘buy’ their way out by either telling a joke or reciting a poem, telling the guests about the sexiest experience of their lives, dancing on the table, performing a strip tease.
- You can choose to write all these options on pieces of paper (one piece per guest each with a different option on it) and let them blindly chose which they have to do in order to remove their silly outfits.

Greek Goddess

This game is a common party game in Greece. In Greece it is known as Pythia. The Goddess is blindfolded and faces the guests. The host of the game stands behind the Goddess and points out at least two guests and says: “Goddess. what will person number one do to person two (and person three, etc)?” As the host is saying "Person Number One", she is pointing at a guest. When she says "Person Number Two", she is pointing at a different guest. The Goddess says what ever she wants, for example: “Person number one will perform a dance for person number two”. Whatever the goddess wishes, the guests must do as ordered. However, at some point when the host is pointing, the host may point at the Goddess herself. That is why the Goddess should of course be careful about how crazy the things are that she is ordering the guests to do, because she may be ordering herself to do it. However for the game to be fun those should be fun requests like: Person number one must lick person number two's ear, provide the voices to a two minute clip of an X-rated movie where the sound is shut off, exchange some items of clothes, etc. Once the Goddess is selected as either person one or person number two, she is replaced by one of the people she had to perform with, who now becomes the Goddess. The Goddess may in turn, become the host, etc.

You might have some guests who will feel too shy to perform what they are requested to. So at the beginning of the game you can set the rules for “bribing” the Goddess. For example the guest who refuses to fulfill the order has to sing a song for the Goddess or perform a dance for her, give the Goddess a shoulder massage, or tell her 15 compliments without repeating herself/himself or tell each girl in the group a sweet compliment without repeating one twice.

Tell Us the Truth About You

If you have ever played with a magic 8-ball, or opened a fortune cookie, you will understand the point of "Tell Us The Truth", where the answers do not necessarily match the questions. It is funny when they do and sometimes funnier when they don’t. This game can be a good ice-breaker or can be used to energize your guests when they are a bit tired.


We have created a free download text file of "Tell Us The Truth", with many questions and answers. All you have to do is download, print and cut them out. If you like, you can edit the text and add your own questions.

Or you can simply create your own. On pieces of paper, write an equal number of questions and answers. Put all of the questions in one box and all of the answers in another box.

All of the questions must have yes or no type answers. Here are examples of questions:

Do you cheat on your boyfriend?
Have you had a one night stand?
Have you kissed a girl?

All of the questioned should be answered with a Yes or No, and have a brief explanation. Here are examples of answers: Yes, of course! It's so exciting!
Noooo, never, that’s boring.
YESS!!! I love it and do it as often as I can.
No, do I look like that type of a girl?
Of course I do!! Doesn’t everyone?
Yes, I cannot imagine my life without it!
Yes, but don’t tell my mother.
From time to time I do indulge!
Never, this is not my type of thing.
Yes, but only when I am with another girl.
No, and never will.
No, but I would like to try.
Yes, especially when I am alone
Yes, I enjoy every second of it.
Of course I do, it goes without saying.
Just look into my eyes – it is obvious I do!
Yes, many times. My boyfriend makes me do it.

Now pick a guest to draw a question. Before she draws, she must pick a person who has to answer. Once the guest draws the question she reads it to the person who must answer. The person who must answer draws her answer at random from the bowl of answers and read the answer aloud. So for example, it may be like this:

Q: Do you cheat on your boyfriend?
A: YESS!!! I love it and do it as often as I can.


A: Yes, but only when I am with another girl.

All the fun is in the questions that is why they should be something erotic and funny, sometimes even foolish or very sexy etc. The answers should be formulated in such a way that they can fit any question. The host should make sure that everyone asks at least one question and everyone gives at least one answer. Or the person who must answer goes in turn around the circle.

If your guests are having fun with this game, continue as follows. Ask the guests to each write out a funny yes-or-no question. Remove the old questions or a part of them from the question box and replace them with the guest’s questions. The answers are simply used from before.

Have Fun!!!

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